VNH3SP30TR-E SMD new and original ic chips

VNH3SP30TR-E SMD new and original ic chips

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The VNH3SP30TR-E is a chip that has the following features:

It is an automotive-grade power integrated half-bridge motor driver.
It has a maximum output current of 30 A and a peak output current of 80 A.
It has built-in protection features such as overcurrent, undervoltage, and overtemperature protection.
It has a low standby current consumption of less than 1 mA.
It has a wide operating voltage range of 5.5 V to 36 V.
It has a high noise immunity and is resistant to electromagnetic interference.
It uses a serial peripheral interface (SPI) for communication with a microcontroller or other control circuitry.
It has an adjustable slew rate control for smoother motor operation.
It comes in a compact and low profile package.




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