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How To Control Qualtiy

How to Control Qualtiy
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QC Profile


This document outlines the procedures for inspecting and testing raw materials purchased by the company, in accordance with regulations, to ensure the final quality of the products.


This profile applies to incoming quality control (IQC) inspection of general products. It also provides guidance on inspection methods and component scope. In addition, it is applicable for in-process quality control (IPQC) and quality assurance (QA) to review and verify components during the production process and final inspection of the product.


During the inspection process, IQC will inspect incoming materials according to the inspection items listed in the inspection instructions and with reference to the supplier’s device confirmation. The inspection standards must be implemented in accordance with the IQC “Incoming Material Inspection Specifications” formulated by our company.

Sampling Plan:

For components, according to GB 2828-87, normal inspection one-time sampling plan, general inspection level II. For non-component categories, according to GN 2828-87, normal inspection one-time sampling plan, special inspection level III. For tape and reel packaging materials, take three materials for each reel and test them using the test substitution method. The substitution quantity is 2-3 times the company’s product consumption for substitution tests.

Qualified Quality Level:

The acceptable quality level (AQL) is used to determine the qualified quality level. Class A disqualification AQL=0.4, and Class B disqualification AQL=1.5. All materials tested by the substitution method must meet the index requirements.


Class A unqualified refers to items that are unqualified and have a serious impact on the company’s product performance, safety, and interests. Class B unqualified refers to items that are unqualified and have a slight impact on the performance of the company’s products, but can be accepted to a limited extent.

Requirements for Inspection Instruments, Meters, and Measuring Tools:

All inspection instruments, meters, and measuring tools must be calibrated.

Inspection Results:

The inspection results must be recorded in the “IQC Incoming Inspection Report”.


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